Safety Management Support

By proactively maintaining and reinforcing your safety management system with our help, your organisation achieves a number of advantages.

  • You embed a stronger safety culture within your organisation, which helps to minimise harm and improve your safety performance
  • Productivity, morale and your organisation’s reputation as a responsible employer are improved
  • You maintain a state of readiness for future audits, which is much less stressful than having to catch up as an audit approaches
  • You are more likely to pass future audits, continuing to save your organisation significant costs in workers compensation premiums

We can provide ongoing support to your safety management team to help remedy any areas of concern, keep you up to date with Work Health and Safety legislative and regulatory changes, and help make sure your safety documentation and organisational practices are well aligned.

Customisable, ongoing support

Choose the frequency and amount of support your organisation requires, and we will tailor our service to match.

We can assist and advise in relation to Annual Returns, development of documentation and procedures, ongoing measurement and monitoring, planning in relation to forthcoming changes, general consulting and training.

Find out how with our help, maintaining a robust safety management system is simpler and more effective. Contact us today.