Regulator Preparation

Our regulator preparation service helps ensure your organisation is as well prepared as possible as your self insurance audit approaches.

Drawing on the specialist experience gained in senior auditing roles with regulatory authorities, we can simulate an audit, enabling us to pinpoint any areas of non-compliance. By undertaking this at least 12 months prior to your scheduled audit, it is easier to implement any changes within the required timeframe.

We see ourselves as your self insurance partner, helping you take the actions needed to help you pass your audit.

We conduct a six step process to evaluate key areas of interest to the auditor. This includes assistance with:

  • Pre audit analysis
  • Rectification of gaps
  • Business preparation
  • People preparation
  • Working with the regulator
  • Post audit matters

By systematically reviewing each of these areas, we can help your organisation to significantly strengthen its safety management capability.

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