Here are some common questions we are asked - if what you would like to know is not answered here, please contact us and we will be pleased to assist.

1. Our organisation has its own WHS personnel. How would we benefit by bringing Lane Safety Systems into the picture?

A key attribute we bring is our experience in roles with the regulator, in senior safety management positions and as a highly experienced consultancy. This gives us the unique perspective of understanding the practicalities of implementing, developing and maintaining a strong safety management system as well as the interpretation of legislative and regulatory requirements.

We see ourselves as your organisation’s partner in safety management – we’re here to help you succeed in improving your safety performance in the short and long term.

Our clients also value our external viewpoint – we are honest in our appraisal of how well prepared your organisation is to manage safety effectively, and we have the knowledge and experience to guide you in rectifying any problem areas.

2. Our organisation has multiple sites and a diverse range of products and services. Do you have experience in assisting organisations with complex needs?

We have extensive experience across a range of sectors including organisations with multiple, scattered and interstate operations. We’ve helped many large organisations to develop nation-wide, organisation-wide and site-specific safety management plans and systems that address safety risks and comply with legislative and regulatory requirements.

Our experience in senior roles in safety management with leading Australian organisations gives us additional, practical insights into the best way to manage safety in complex settings. Often times, this means we can make recommendations that you may not have otherwise considered – and that offer the most efficient and effective path to take.

3. We currently don't have a safety management system and want to start the process. What advantage would we gain by partnering with Lane Safety Systems?

Your organisation stands a better chance of success from the outset with our help.

We draw on more than a decade’s experience in helping organisations from a variety of industry sectors to design and maintain strong and effective safety management systems. This means that when we work with you, we bring considerable knowledge about the advantages and disadvantages of various approaches to safety management to the table. This insight will help you fast track safety management improvements and help you avoid the cost and inconvenience of choosing a less than optimal strategy.

By helping your organisation develop sound safety management policies and procedures from the start, your organisation will be more likely to enjoy enduring success in addressing your safety risks and improving your safety performance.

4. Do you work with organisations that have failed an assessment of performance?

Yes, often a failed assessment of performance is the trigger for an organisation to seek our expertise and guidance so that they prepare effectively for their next assessment of performance. We can help identify where gaps or problems exist, and provide you with proven solutions so you are well prepared for the future.

5. We’ve just passed our regulatory assessment of performance. Do we really need ongoing help at this stage?

Organisations fare better in terms of safety performance over the long term when they remain vigilant in their focus on workplace safety.

We can help your organisation continue to monitor its safety risks, compliance with workplace safety regulations and also keep you up to date with any regulatory or legislative changes that affect your safety management system.

In doing so, you will be in a strong position for any assessment of performance and avoid the stress that goes with having to ‘catch up’ as any deadlines approach.

6. Do you offer a flexible service to match our organisation’s requirements?

We can adapt our support to reflect your requirements or state of preparedness.

Because of our extensive experience helping a wide range of clients, we can often see that the challenges your organisation may be up against are likely to have also been faced by other clients. This kind of knowledge means we can quickly identify the kind of support your organisation is likely to need and the amount of time it may take.

We can then tailor our resources to match the needs and timeframe of your organisation.

We’d be happy to sit down with you and discuss any areas you would like our guidance in.