Lane Safety Systems

Lane Safety Systems is an independent specialist in Safety Management consulting, founded in Sydney in 2002. Over this time we are proud to have significantly improved the safety performance of hundreds of organisations.

Our expertise and unique perspective on all aspects of safety is routinely sought after by Senior Management in top tier blue chip organisations throughout Australia, across the retail, manufacturing, allied health services and finance industries, as well as government organisations at federal, state and local levels.

Our clients value our honest appraisals of how prepared (or not) their organisations are to manage safety effectively, and our ability to guide them towards fixing any problem areas.

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The challenges your organisation is up against are likely to have been faced by other clients. This experience means we can quickly identify the kind of support your organisation needs and the amount of time it will take to get your safety systems back on track.

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About the company founder

Darren Lane - Managing Director

Darren's skills as a safety management consultant are highly regarded throughout the industry. With more than 16 years' experience in advising senior management of Australia's largest and most complex organisations, his knowledge and capabilities help create practical and lasting cultural improvements in safety management that have a far-reaching impact.

He is particularly adept at keeping his finger on the pulse of prospective changes to legislation and safety standards, enabling his clients to actively plan, manage and transition smoothly and efficiently.

Darren is dedicated to imparting and embedding his knowledge within his clients' organisations, and in doing so, is an agent for significant cultural change in the management of safety.

Darren founded Lane Safety Systems in 2002, drawing on his extensive experience in developing, implementing and auditing safety management systems in a variety of leading Australian organisations.

Prior to founding Lane Safety Systems, Darren worked with a state safety regulator and held the role of a safety management systems auditor. Before joining the regulator, Darren worked as a work health and safe professional in various industry sectors including government and non-government organisations.

Over his twenty five years in the safety field, Darren has gained wide-ranging experience and knowledge of the issues that organisations face today in Work Health and Safety.

He holds a Bachelor in Occupational Health and Safety and has been recognised as a systems auditor.