Safety Auditing

Safety audits are a methodical assessment of your organisation’s current safety performance.

Lane Safety Systems have over 16 years experience undertaking safety audits for organisations spread across multiple geographic locations, both interstate and national. If there are any gaps in your safety processes and procedures that could impact on you achieving your safety goals - we’ll find them!

Our auditing process considers the nature and complexity of your organisation to independently identify and appraise your compliance with relevant WHS legislation and safety standards. We’ll also identify opportunities for improvement in your safety performance.

Our experience in safety auditing covers a broad range of clients and industries, including government work.

What are your safety auditing needs?

Lane Safety Systems will undertake auditing in accordance with your nominated external requirement, including:

  • AS/NZS 4801
  • National self-insurer OHS Management system audit tool for workers compensation self-insurance
  • ISO 45001
  • Your organisation’s internal Safety Management System and standards

We also offer business compliance audits that identify what’s happening at an operational level in your organisation in your day-to-day safety activities and procedures.

Find out how your organisation can perform better by partnering with Lane Safety Systems and our expertise in measuring performance through safety auditing.