Work Health & Safety Management Systems

Most organisations don’t have the required levels of technical and statutory knowledge in-house to efficiently coordinate, design, develop and implement a fully compliant Work Health & Safety Management system.

We provide strategic planning and the operational link between your organisation functions and the technical aspects of a Work Health & Safety Management System.

The Safety Management System we design, develop and implement with you is tailored to the specific safety requirements of your organisation - including those with multiple geographic locations across all parts of Australia.

Design and development

We develop safety management systems in accordance with your nominated external requirement such as ISO 45001, AS/NZS 4804, National self-insurer OHS Management system audit tool (self-insurers) and any other of your external obligations.

The Lane Safety Systems Philosophy:

  • Simple is always better
  • Minimise paperwork
  • Match organisational complexity with appropriate level of safety risk and maturity
  • A custom safety solution for every client (no templates here!)
  • A system that perfectly fits the organisation and their external standards

Why choose Lane Safety Systems for your WHS needs?

The success of your organisation’s safety performance comes down to whether your WHS Management System is sufficiently comprehensive for your needs and whether it’s up to date. The most effective way to achieve safety success is to partner with Lane Safety Systems and benefit from our trusted expertise in WHS Management systems.